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What is NS System?

NS System — from an objective point of view — is a set of what can be called online marketing tools that can be used to generate traffic through social networks, especially Facebook, but since I'm a passionate person, I can't help but include a subjective point of view, and not because I'm praising something that I created in order to sell it. No. This bad boy right here has taken me almost a year to build, and the reason why I've used the present perfect tense is, I'm still improving it every day. You can look anywhere on the Internet, but you will never be able to find a system like this. The key ideas that this system is based on are my own personal ideas, while some of them I've picked up along the way back when I was working with an old partner of mine. I think that's enough bragging for today, and I'm sure you agree. Here are pretty much all the features NS System has — they may all seem prematurely anticlimactic, but hear me out and don't judge a book by its cover:

  1. Google and Bitly Links Generators: You can create up to 100 double-shortened links that lead to the same destination of your choosing. And by double-shortening I mean, Your destination is shortened using a domain within my server, then it gets shortened by the two most trusted shortening tools in the world, Google or shortener, including of course the option to shorten your destination URL using or once you include your public API credentials into the system. I know this sounds very ordinary, but here comes the fun part: All the 100 short links can be posted on Facebook without raising a single red flag, while your destination URL is fully protected. The latter can never be blocked by Facebook — since it's the largest social network on the planet, hands down. Still think it's ordinary? What if I told you, even if someone were to block your website (Destination URL) by posting it over and over — I know some envious people who do that just so they can feed their ego — you can still use it and bring traffic to your website via Facebook? Sometimes even YouTube video URLs get blocked, so this tool comes for the rescue as your online guardian angel. Of course I can't mention everything unless you try it yourself, note that every feature is well-explained in a cute little infotip. Once you sign up, confirm your email address, and log in to your Graphical User Interface — GUI — then Bob's your uncle!
  2. Ads Manager and Geo-targetting: Let's assume you signed up to NS SYSTEM, and you want to become an elite member which is pretty affordable ($4.99/month). You decided to create a WordPress website that can be controlled by NS SYSTEM, of course only when it comes to ads, especially Google AdSense ads, but I'm not neophobic or anything, we can try literally anything you like for NS SYSTEM is the most flexible system out there, I promise! Anyway, thanks to NS SYSTEM, you can control who sees your ads and who doesn't based on country. You can also hide/show ads. I included an automatic easy mode which consists of 6 buttons — and I'll cover only 2 here just to keep you on your toes and also because I don't want to spoil the surprise: a) Awaiting Approval Mode: You have an AdSense account and you want to approve it, you wrote the articles, you submitted your Publisher ID and your ad slot code to NS SYSTEM. Once you click "Awaiting Approval Mode" the ad will automatically show up on top of every article in your website, so when you submit your application to AdSense, you ensure a smooth approval.
    b) CTR Safe Mode: Once you hit this button, all the allowed AdSense 3 ads (whose codes you hypothetically submitted) will be shown, so your website would get as many impressions as possible, because a high CTR (Click-Through Rate) means your AdSense account is doomed. This magic button helps make sure that doesn't happen.
  3. URLs Manager: This is one hell of a tool. Every short link you create through NS System has a hit counter, and URLs Manager is a table of every link with details like how many hits each short link received, and when the last hit was. You can also include the source, i.e where you posted the link, like the name of the page or the URL of the comment/reply itself by adding a hashtag to the shortlink then paste the username of the page or the URL of the comment/reply, and it will be automatically added in the database. Example:
  4. Add/Delete Domains: Let's assume you bought a domain but you're not planning on linking it to a WordPress site or anything of the sort. You can link that domain to where NS System is hosted, then you can use it as one of the domains that do the special NS System shortening. Of course you have the option to choose between adding a public domain and a private domain in case you want to use it only for yourself.
  5. Visitors Statistics: NS System has an integrated Piwik Web Analytics. You can check out the reports of daily and monthly visits. If you're an elite member, that makes you an admin, so you can employ your friends — there's a page dedicated to managing users like approve and disapprove, delete etc. — to help you in your links sharing crusade, so to speak, and you can set up a payment strategy or whatever. For example, for every 1,500 visitors one of your NS System Users bring using the short links, they get $10. Of course you can modify that via a page called Update CPV (Cost Per Visit). There are also 2 live visitors counters: one is Piwik-based and the other is WHOS AMUNG US, which I think is a pretty renowned live visitors counter.
  6. Basic stuff like updating your profile information like full name, email address, password, city/region/country...
  7. Theme Settings like changing your user interface background, change the color of clickable links, normal text and or adding shadows to them. You can choose from some Default NS System Wallpapers or you can get one from Google Images or anywhere you like.
  8. Contact Us/Report a Bug page: No need to explain that but one thing I'd like to point out, you can also send positive feedback or any creative ideas that might occur to you. Even an irrelevant story might inspire me to improve the system. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR SKILLS AT STORY-TELLING. NEVER!
  9. Recycling URLs: This one is kind of cool, I was inspired by the whole renewable energy thing. Every short link that was visited less than twice can be used again, and once it gets visited more than twice, it won't be included in the Recycled URLs box, which means you will make sure every single short link is visited at least 3 times.

  10. Finally, I hope this has been informative enough, and I can assure you this is not all. You can create an account and see for yourself. Some things are better experienced than explained. I am fairly certain that soon you will realize this is a gold mine for every Internet user out there who wants to make money online without having to deal with fake surveys, lies and deceits.

    Ahmed Anssaien
    NS System Designer and Developer

    For business inquiries/more info: